How glass is recycled

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BottleJobs Recycling Ltd

We believe it fair to say doing “The Bottle Run” is not the most enjoyable job in the world and many people would avoid doing it, quite simply people can put their time to better use or rather be doing something else.

BottleJobs Recycling offers a reliable, no fuss glass bottle collection service to domestic customers, we can supply the recycling bins one for clear glass, one for green glass and one for brown glass, this covers 98% of glass used in the domestic market.

Glass is 100% recyclable, as such can be endlessly re-purposed with no loss of quality. Therefore, by simply recycling your glass together we can: reduce non-renewable fossil fuel usage, reduce the emissions of process CO2 from the carbonate raw materials such as limestone.

A dedicated team, helping customers and the environment, whilst offering a valued service. Keep the car smelling good!, no more having to clean the car after the bottle run. No More cuing-up at bottle banks or supermarkets. No more standing in the rain putting bottles in the bank one at a time. Leave it to us!

Flexible payment methods, direct debit, contactless, card, bank transfer, or cash.

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Let us take the hassle out of your glass bottle recycling

OPTION 1 - £20 PM

Option ONE gives you 1 collection per month for an unlimited number of bottles (within reason!). No commitment nor contract obligations - enjoy our service for as long as you wish, and cancel without risk, as you like.


Option TWO gives you a bi-weekly collection service, twice a month for an unlimited number of bottles. (within reason) No commitment nor contract obligations - enjoy our service for as long as you wish, and cancel without risk, as you like.

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Bottles recycled past 7 days


As an organisation, the higher we can make this number the better! As a new and growing company, we are looking to rapidly increase the amount of people we are helping with our bespoke service and we would love for you to be a part of our journey.


All statistics provided are a mean figure based on average collection statistics.

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